Rural Rembrandt 2016 Demonstrations


"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means
of education, encouragement,
and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among
persons interested
in such endeavors."

Club Bylaws

Ashley Gordon did an excellent critique for the Rural Rembrandt Art Club on Tuesday, October 25th. We listened and learned as she critiqued each member's piece of art. Ashley is a Wi. native, formally educated in painting and sculpture. Ashley is self-taught in the art of Encaustic, and gives classes in this medium. She has artists attending her classes from all over the continental US. She personally feels it is her job not only to be an Encaustic Artist, but, to spread the knowledge and pass it on. You can find Ashley on the internet at Ashley Gordon, - Visual Artist Facebook, - Ashely Gordon visit Waupaca Co. and Visual Artist Wi. Check out her gallery, a workshop, or take a class to learn more about her.