"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means
of education, encouragement,
and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among
persons interested
in such endeavors."

Club Bylaws


Above...Mel Kolstad, a mixed media artist from Fond du Lac, demostrated some of her work with encaustics at our September, 2018 meeting.


Leif Larson from Oshkosh was our October demonstrator. Leif started out his day by planning a drawing on his ipad before coming to show us how he creates his beautiful artwork. He started out his demonstration by showing us how to use a Plein Air easel. Leif then proceeded to draw his idea on a canvas with a charcoal pencil and when he was finished with his drawing he started to paint using very bright acrylic paint. Leif also gave us a few tips to help make painting a little more enjoyable and affordable. He suggested that we use better quality paint brushes to make the painting process a little easier. Leif uses coated paper plates for his palette and organizes his paints by color before starting a painting. By the way, Leif painted an invisible man reading a book in a library. How fun and creative is that?!!!!

October 2018

For our last meeting of the year...November, 2018...we had a critique of member's art work conducted by all of the members present. Everyone enjoyed the perspective of their peers and it was great fun!

November 2018