2019 Club Board & General Meeting Minutes





"To promote the practice of and interest in the creative arts and to afford a means

of education, encouragement,

and opportunity for cooperation in art creation among

persons interested

in such endeavors."


Club Bylaws




The October 22 meeting of the Rural Rembrandts was called to order by President Sue

DeLain at 1:35 pm.


Kaci Koltz read the Secretary report.


Gary LeBouton read the Treasurer’s report, with a final balance of



Snacks were provided by Rachel Pavlic and Marlene Smithers, thank you! Next month will

be Kaci Koltz and Pam Gardner. A signup sheet was passed around for next year’s

snack volunteers. As a note for future reference, when there is more than one

coffee maker on the counter, make sure the coffee pot is the correct one for

that particular coffee maker. Also, filters are kept in the drawer and not the



There was a call for volunteers to take over the club Christmas party for 2020. Ginny

Jungwirth and the Oshkosh members have been heading the party for many years and

wish to step down. We thank them for their years of service. Marlene Smithers

and Brenda Mulvey volunteered to take over the party next year.


Artists who have work displayed at Evergreen need to pick up their art on Friday,

November 29 at 10 am. Please note, this is the day after Thanksgiving. Call

Evergreen if you wish to make arrangements to pick up your work before



Instead of a demo next month we will be having a peer critique. Members are encouraged

(but not required) to bring in art, either finished or in progress, for



Just a reminder to everyone: artwork at the PAC will only be changed out once a year

in May. We will no longer be switching art in October due to the fact that the

PAC is not open all summer and no one sees the art during those



Pat Spear announced that the Helen Klebasadel watercolor workshop is full. The $100

fee will be collected in April when the club begins its meetings for



The meeting was adjourned, followed by an acrylic pouring demonstration by Judy























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